Research Support

I'd like to thank Google, Disney Research, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, and Adobe Research for their generous gifts and strong support of my research. I'm grateful for the resources provided by the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

To the amazing support staff at the HCII. Jaron Pitts and Lauren Hardwig, who have been valuable to our team. To Queenie Kravitz, who is the pillar of the CMU HCII PhD program. To Byron Spice, Karen Harlan, Sue Cribbs, and George Darakos for help with media and external relationships. And to Cindy Chepanoski for her incredible help in streamlining technology transfer and licensing.

Collaborators and Mentors

Science succeeds through resilient team effort, and I'm grateful to have worked side-by-side with many brilliant collaborators. My amazing lab mates: Robert Xiao and Yang Zhang. Hardworking HCII colleagues: Anthony Chen, Stephen Oney, Jason Wiese, Julia Schwarz, Anhong Guo, Cole Gleason, Adrian deFreitas. The Amazing system builders at CMU's Software Engineering Institute: Abhijit Hota, Sudershan "Sudo" Boovaraghavan, Chen Chen, and Yuvraj Agarwal. The brilliant minds at Disney Research: Eric Brockmeyer, Alanson Sample, Jack Yang, Moshe Mahler, John Mars, Kyna McIntosh, and Liz Carter. And to my talented colleauges outside of CMU: Morgan Dixon, James Fogarty, Walter Lasecki, Liang He, John Froelich, Gregg Wilensky, Walter Chang, and Aseem Agarwala.

I am indebted to my mentors who constantly challange my views and have influenced my thinking along the way. My super star "advisory" team: Chris Harrison, Scott Hudson, Jeff Bigham. Industry mentors at Apple: Jared Zerbe, Bill Athas, Brian Tsang, Carlos Guestrin. Industry mentors at Google: Alex Kauffman, Murphey Stein, Boris Smus, Emre Karagozler and Ivan Poupyrev. To Mira Dontcheva for showing me the ropes and believing in me when I was just starting out in research. To Eytan Adar and Mark Newman for their valuable research guidance early on. And to my high-school mentor, Chris Chiu, who imbued in me the values of hard work, service, and having fun.

Friends and Family

You know who you are. Thank you! ♥