Research Overview

Prior to Apple, I have published over 30 papers in interactive sensing and applied machine learning. My dissertation is titled: Context-Driven Implicit Interactions. The map below illustrates the breadth and depth of topics I have explored. My dissertation (purple track) is a culmination of several projects on practical, high-fidelity, and privacy-sensitive contextual sensing.


I publish at premier venues in interactive systems, sensing, and human-computer interaction. Below are highlights (note: projects have no connections with Apple unless specified). See CV for a full list.

Please see Curriculum Vitae for a full list of publications.

Join Our Group

My group's research agenda at Apple, combined with unmatched access to many of the world's most innovative products, puts us in a unique position to impact millions of people. I am looking for driven, highly creative, and highly collaborative candidates. I have positions available for interns, post-docs, and full-time research scientists + engineers. I welcome candidates with backgrounds in HCI, machine learning, electrical engineering, and related fields. I strongly encourage candidates from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

We have positions available in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Cupertino. If interested, email me directly, or use the link below to learn more about Apple.