My team is hiring. I have positions available for full-time senior research scientists, engineers, post-docs, and interns (all-year). I strongly encourage candidates from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

Dr. Gierad Laput
Senior Manager

Dr. Jun Gong
Senior Research Scientist

Richard Kang
Research Engineer

Dr. Carolina Brum
Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Kareem Bedri
Research Scientist

Dr. Scott Hudson
Senior Visiting Professor

Mike Ralph
Firmware Engineer


Lisa Elkin
Research Associate
(now Ph.D. at UW)

Orson Xu
Research Associate
(now Ph.D. at UW)

Dr. Ke-Yu Chen
Senior Research Scientist

Cathy Fang
Research Associate
(now Ph.D. at MIT)

Fereshteh Shahmiri
Research Associate
(now Ph.D. at Georgia Tech)

Features Shipped

We work closely with teams across Apple. Here are select features and experiences that we've productized and had major involvement with:

Other Features

Spatial Audio— prior to joining our team, Keyu was an integral part in shipping Spatial Audio (AirPods Pro) while at CoreMotion.

Research Overview

Prior to Apple, I have published over 30 papers in interactive sensing and applied machine learning. My dissertation is titled: Context-Driven Implicit Interactions. The map below illustrates the breadth and depth of topics I have explored. My dissertation (purple track) is a culmination of several projects on practical, high-fidelity, and privacy-sensitive contextual sensing.


In my academic life, I publish at premier venues in interactive systems, sensing, and human-computer interaction. Below are highlights (note: projects have no connections with Apple unless specified). See CV for a full list.

Please see Curriculum Vitae for a full list of publications.

Join Our Group

My group's research agenda at Apple, combined with unmatched access to many of the world's most innovative products, puts us in a unique position to impact millions of people. I am looking for driven, highly creative, and highly collaborative candidates. I have positions available for interns, post-docs, and full-time research scientists + engineers. I welcome candidates with backgrounds in HCI, machine learning, electrical engineering, and related fields. I strongly encourage candidates from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

My group has positions available in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Cupertino. If interested, email me directly.


My idea of a happy life is being with family and friends, travelling, learning, and pursuing creative projects. I'm currently into photography— here a few of my favorite shots! High-res versions are available upon request.