Consumer Democracy

Kikko Paradela, Scott Waraniak, and Gierad Laput (2006)

This project is a collaboration with Kikko Paradela and Scott Waraniak from the College for Creative Studies. As a class project, the goal was to build an interactive installation to promote awareness on certain topic. Specifically, Kikko and Scott's agenda revolved around building awareness on the interplay between producers and consumers in shaping products. In this project, my role was to provide the technical expertise to integrate multiple aspects of the system. This includes reading RFID tags, processing gesture inputs from a blob-detection framework, and establishing connections with the printer.

Overview of the System

The tools used include the Arduino framework (for reading RFID tags), PHP, and the OpenCV library for Processing. Below are videos which showcase the system in action.

Walkthrough of the system

The Application in action

Supplementary video: Experimenting with the input mechanisms of the system

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